Brushing up the past: Archcathedral under renovation

Considered the pearl of Podkarpackie province, John the Baptist Archcathedral in the southeastern city of Przemyśl is undergoing another stage of renovation and now the past and future of its wall paintings are teetering on the edge of the renovators’ brushes.

This stage of works focuses on the Fredro Family Chapel dating back to 1724 AD. Commissioned by Bishop Aleksander Antoni Fredro, it is also called the Holy Cross Chapel. Its design was redone on the verge of the 19th and 20th centuries by Stanisław Kostka Majerski, an architect whose life was closely linked to Przemyśl.

The first stage of the renovation was initiated in 2018 when the ceiling over the 15th-century presbytery was renovated. During that stage of work, the renovators managed to clean 16th-century polychromies.

Concerning the archcathedral itself, it is Gothic in style and was commissioned by bishop Nicholas Błażejowski in 1495.

This year’s renovation is financed by the Culture and National Heritage Ministry and the local conservator’s funds.