A step closer to Baltic Pipe with Polish, US companies’ contract

Poland’s designated natural gas transmission system operator Gaz-System and the US Solar Turbines company signed a contract on the delivery and maintenance of vital components on Wednesday that will be installed at three gas compression stations in Poland as part of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline construction.

The said components are a set of pneumatic compressor units and their delivery to Poland as provided by the signed contract was dubbed by government commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski “a true milestone on the road to concluding the Baltic Pipe construction.”

The commissioner said that the investment came on schedule and that the Baltic Pipe construction will be concluded on time.

“The most important thing is for the gas to flow,” said Mr Naimski, adding that “in order for that to happen, compression stations need to be constructed and turbines need to be delivered.”

The commissioner said that the US company Solar Turbines that won the tender is “a global company” and that the machinery it provided “will be operating for many years.”

“The contract is worth over PLN 500 mln [EUR 115 mln]. It is one of the largest contracts signed to date within the gas sector in Poland,” said Mr Naimski, adding that “the contract is crucial for Polish-US cooperation in the field of energy security. This complements the topics we have been discussing with US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.”

Mr Naimski said that Rick Perry will visit Poland by the end of August in order to advance the energy security dialogue. The commissioner also thanked US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher “for her presence” during the signing of the contract.

For her part, ambassador Mosbacher said that the Baltic Pipe will enable gas deliveries not alone to Poland but also to its neighbours.

According to Mr Naimski, grounded with consequent contracts, the Polish-US cooperation will acquire a “stable foundation”. The commissioner said that the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party treats the Baltic Pipe as “one of the most important investments in [Poland’s] national security”.

The investment consists of five key components, namely a pipeline on the Northern Sea bed connecting Norway and Denmark, the redevelopment of the Danish transmission line, gas pumping on the Danish island of Zealand, a pipeline running from Denmark to Poland on the seabed of the Baltic and the expansion of the Polish gas transmission system.