Poland discriminated against in WWII reparations: FM

Poland was discriminated against in the WWII reparations process by Germany, the country was not treated fairly, Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said in an interview for the German Press Agency on Monday.

Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz told the German Press Agency dpa that the distribution of compensation paid to the countries attacked by Germany “lacked fundamental fairness.”

“At this very moment, it would be difficult to say that this topic is closed. In public debate, it is being said that Germany allegedly paid [communist] Poland compensation through the Soviet Union. At the same time, Germany paid it directly to the countries in the West. A question arises if everything was conducted in the proper way,” the minister added.

The foreign minister said that the key issue was to compare the losses of, for example, France and the Netherlands and the reparations received by them, to Poland’s losses and the compensation it received.

“It is disproportionate in my opinion,” Mr Czaputowicz said, adding that the compensation payments received by Poland were minimal.

“There are countries that have lost much less, but have received more compensation… The key question is whether Poland was treated fairly compared to other states,” Mr Czaputowicz added.

The Foreign Minister also noted that a parliamentary team dealing with the reparations issue is currently working on loss assessment. The team was set up in 2017 to assess the compensation owed to Poland by Germany for the damage wrought on the country during WWII.