Med tech sector in Poland reversing brain drain

The large research centres of Google and IBM are attracting foreigners to work in the city of Wrocław in the south west of Poland, which is also increasing interest in the startup sector, medical technology innovator Tomasz Gondek tells PolandIN.

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“We’re not feeling any brain drain in particular,” Tomasz Gondek, the CEO of Wrocław-based SensDX told PolandIN’s David Kennedy .

“There are a lot of Polish scientists sitting in Germany. But we have the potential and are strong enough to bring people to Poland,” the medical innovator said.

“Around us there are other startups and one third of the people are foreigners who are coming to our labs and working with us.”

According to Mr Gondek they are choosing to come to Poland as “the chances for development are bigger in Poland because the career paths in Western Europe are stacked with people.”Many of those newcomers are foregoing larger salaries in order to have better opportunities in Poland.

SensDX has developed a tool to enable doctors to instantly diagnose strep throat or flu, which it is hoped will cut waiting times at surgeries.

Mr Gondek previously helped set up Google’s innovation centre in Wrocław, where half of the three hundred staff are from other countries.

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