Poland to boost funds for contact with Poles abroad: Senate Speaker

Senate Speaker Stanislaw Karczewski said in Cieszyn, southern Poland, on Thursday, that the Senate intends to continue to increase funds for projects aimed at maintaining contact with the Polish diaspora and Poles living abroad.

The statesman said that the Senate intended to increase funds to maintain and improve contact with the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad. "We're doing the best we can. We have been allocating more and more funds for this purpose, which also makes me very happy,” said Mr Karczewski.

“Last year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, we increased funding from PLN 75 mln [EUR 17 mln] to PLN 100 mln [EUR 23 mln]. This was symbolic, but we'll increase it even more because there is such enormous interest," said the Senate speaker.

"The Senate is looking after the Polish diaspora and Poles living abroad. We are… conducting the dialogue,” said Mr Karczewski adding that the very close partnership and intensive work of the Senate has been bearing fruit.

“We witness a great interest in Poland [among Poles abroad]. We are very happy about its dynamic development and this is something we can all be very proud of," said the Senate Speaker.

The statesman encouraged Poles from abroad and foreigners to study at Polish universities, indicating that their position in the international rankings is growing, and their ambitions are even greater.

Mr Karczewski met with a group of over 200 participants of the 29th Summer School of Polish Language, Literature and Culture, organised in Cieszyn and held on the campus of the University of Silesia. The statesman also met with the participants of a summer camp for the Polish community abroad organised under the slogan "Historical paths and musical tracks." Earlier, the Senate speaker met with children from Ukraine enjoying their holidays in Poland.

About 220 participants took part in this year's 29th Summer School, including, not students alone but also teachers, from Argentina, Brazil, China, India and Singapore.