Human-mole cooperation: ancient settlement ferreted out in Białowieża Forest

Remains of an ancient settlement have been found in the hamlet of Sacharewo, located in the Białowieża Forest, Eastern Poland. It was possible thanks to... moles.

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“A clearing in the forest, just aside Leśna river, was full of molehills. We observed in them lots of fragments of ancient ceramic pots which were pushed to the surface by moles,” Dr Kamil Niedziółka of the Archaeology Institute of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University said.

According to early estimations, the remains come from the first centuries after the birth of Christ. During the excavations, archaeologists have also recovered fragments of furnaces, fireplaces and storage pits.

According to Dr Niedziółka, the settlement was inhabited at first by local societies, but in the second century after Christ, it is likely that Goths appeared there.

The excavations were conducted in June and July as a part of the project “Cultural and Natural Heritage of Białowieża Forest.”