Farmer detained for stashing WWII weapons and explosives

A 57-year-old farmer from the village of Wąbrzeźno in Poland’s northcentral Kujawsko-Pomorskie province was detained for storing a genuine arsenal of WWII weaponry.

“The police officers went inside the house occupied by the farmer around noon [on Friday],” said deputy inspector Monika Chlebicz of the local police, adding that “what they saw in the rooms and in the garage in Wąbrzeski and Brodnicki district left them utterly flabbergasted.”

A military engineering team was summoned to secure artillery shells, hand grenades, Panzerfaust warheads, mortar grenades, bombs, detonators, TNT, machine guns, sub-machine guns, revolvers, machine gun and pistol barrels, cartridge clips, ammunition of various calibres and 300 g of gunpowder.

The detained 57-year-old faced charges of illegal possession of explosives, firearms and ammunition. He may face up to eight years behind bars.