Music CDs still popular in Poland: report

The market of music streaming services in Poland is growing, but sales of albums on CDs are still very popular among Poles.

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Last year, the global music market recorded the best financial result in the last ten years. According to the data of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry obtained by the Polish Press Agency, the global income was around USD 19.1 bln in 2018.

The report of IFPI indicates that the largest part of income comes from streaming. Last year it was nearly USD 9 bln.

While vinyl sales are growing and that of CDs is decreasing globally, there are exceptions: in Poland, as well as Japan and Germany, people are still are eager to buy compact records.

“In 2018, we [Poland] were the second market in the world, after Japan, in the percent share of physical carriers on the music market – 65 percent. In my opinion, it was caused by the appearance of CDs in one of the discount chains,” Zuzanna Cieszkowska of the Sony Music Poland said.

“In other countries, the sales of physical carriers started to decrease, but in Poland – they grew. Only in 2017, they started to slightly decrease, by 3.5 percent. Last year – already by 8 percent. The decreasing trend is likely to continue,” she added.

The popularity of streaming services is on the rise in Poland. According to the report of IFPI, around 85 percent of Poles use music streaming on-demand, and 73 percent listen to the music on smartphones. This year Poles gained access to YouTube Music service, which joined other popular services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Apple Music.

The report also states that Poles listen to music three hours a day on average, while the global average is two and a half hours.

According to the data of the Union of Audio-Video Producers (ZPAV), the most popular albums in Poland in 2018 were: “Małomiasteczkowy” by Dawid Podsiadło, “Soma 0,5 mg” by Taconafide and “W drodze po szczęście” by O.S.T.R.