US wants to have anchor state in Europe: expert

“The US wants to have an anchor state in Europe and Poland both politically and emotionally is very well disposed towards the United States,” Zbigniew Lewicki, an expert on US affairs at the Cardinal Wyszyński University, told PolandIN, adding that the fourth Duda-Trump meeting “signifies long-term US plans to make Poland the centre of its European effort, to move away from Germany… and France to Poland.”

Donald Trump will come to Poland on the evening of August 31 and leave on September 2. On September 1, the day marking the 80th anniversary of WWII outbreak, he and his Polish and German counterparts, Andrzej Duda and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, will give speeches during the main ceremonies commemorating the anniversary.

PolandIn’s political correspondent Krzysztof Mularczyk said that Mr Trump’s last visit in 2017 was regarded as a success for both Poland and the US. “The visit paved the way for the understanding the two countries have established on posting additional US troops to Poland and Poland signing contracts for the import of LNG gas which are reducing its dependency of Russian gas.”

He adds that some have voiced concerns that Poland is putting all its eggs in one basket by backing a US President who isn’t certain of re-election in 2020. “Others have worried that the US may suddenly move to a reset with Russia leaving Poland marginalised and that by backing Trump Poland is burning bridges in the EU.”

There are also fears expressed that Poland will once again be drawn into a “coalition of the willing” to take in Iran, he says.

The US policy of strengthening the eastern flank of NATO predate the Trump presidency. While the US President’s personal relations with Vladimir Putin seem to be good, US policy on Russia has not changed. And Poland has not burned any bridges within the EU as it has stuck to the EU’s stance on Iran, climate change and Brexit.

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