Sewage spill into Vistula in Warsaw

The Vistula river has been polluted after a spill at a sewage treatment plant in northern Warsaw.

Unofficial reports of “Super Express” tabloid say that the spill was noticed by police officers patrolling the banks of the river. A crisis management team was called to the Warsaw City Hall by the Mayor, Rafał Trzaskowski.

“A sewage collector of the left bank of the Vistula was broken. Sewage was spilled into the Vistula river in a controlled manner,” Mr Trzaskowski said during a press briefing.

The sewage wave endangers cities downriver from Warsaw. The mayor of Warsaw said that it will reach the city of Płock in around 50 hours.

“I would like to calm everybody. The tap water [in Warsaw] is safe,” he emphasised.

Mr Trzaskowski declared that the city authorities are monitoring the situation and will inform the citizens about progress in the struggle with this crisis.