Trump’s visit - US companies “have USD 50 bn deployed in Poland”: Amcham head

“Polish exports in high-value added areas are growing significantly,” while the US companies “account for 250,000 jobs in Poland,” the Amcham head tells PolandIN.

Polish companies importing computer programming, IT services and technology to the US, while the US companies have USD 50 bn deployed in Poland, the head of the American Chamber of Commerce tells PolandIN on the eve of Donald Trump’s visit.

With Donald Trump visiting Poland for the upcoming commemoration of the outbreak of World War II in Poland, PolandIN is exploring various aspects of Polish-US relations.

To help quantify the importance of business relations between the two countries, PolandIN’s David Kennedy spoke to Tony Housh, the Chairman of Amcham in Poland.

Mr Housh explained that the multiplier effect of direct investment in the country meant that the 250,000 jobs created by American capital in the country supported a further 250,000 jobs in other companies, having “a significant impact on the economy.”

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