Duda warns of inaction on Russian expansionism on WWII anniversary

Polish President Andrzej Duda spoke during the commemorations of the outbreak of WWII, with representatives of 40 countries attending.

To watch the full presidential speech click here.

The president said that humanity has not learned the lesson of WWII.

“Genocides, ethnic cleansings still occur. This is why we remember, so that such horrific events, such terrible suffering, such bestiality, never happen again. For these reasons, we have to remember and for this we have to act, taking lessons from these events,” as he went on to bring up examples of Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

“Closing your eyes to the problem is not a solution to keep the peace, it is a simple way of giving approval for more attacks. And that is happening: 2008 in Georgia, 2014 in Ukraine, military provocations,” said Mr Duda, comparing pre-war appeasement of Nazi Germany to the present day hesitation to take strong action on Russian aggression.