America never forgot about free Poland, and never will: US VP

In his speech at the main commemorations of the outbreak of WWII, Mike Pence, the Vice President of the US, said that the US “will never forget about a free and independent Polish nation.”

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He stressed that the Polish people had never allowed despair to take control over them and that they had never renounced their 1,000-year-long history.

“The story of Poland is a story of people, who never lost hope, never been broken and never forgotten who they are,” the US Vice President said.

“America never forgot about free and independent Polish nation and will never do it,” Mr Pence said. “It is difficult for any of us who are not Poles to fathom the horrors that began 80 years ago on September 1, 1939.”

He mentioned many atrocities the Polish nation and citizens had to face over the period of WWII, such as Katyń massacre, the mass murders of Polish Jews, and the struggle of the Polish resistance, which included the Warsaw Rising.

“Rising that was followed by the deliberate and total destruction of this city by German forces, while Soviet forces stood by and allowed the slaughter,” he said.

The US Vice President expressed his commemoration to all people whose lives were claimed over the period of the war.

“Today we remember Polish heroes who fought for freedom in those dark days. Their names and the memory of their heroism will be enshrined in the hearts of their people and freedom-loving people forever,” he said.

He emphasised that no one had more courage and determination than the Poles. “Over several decades of struggle against tyranny Poland proved that it is a homeland of heroes.”