Volleyball: Polish women’s team scores 3:0 with Spain

Poland’s women’s volleyball team won 3:0 with Spain in Sunday’s match in Łódź, advancing to the quarterfinal of the 2019 European Volleyball Championship.

In Łódź, the Polish women’s team scored on only a good outturn, but for the first time in history advanced to the quarterfinal. The Spanish team’s promotion to the 1/8 round was itself considered a success, therefore the victory of the Polish women was expected by many.

At first, the Polish team did not prove to be the best. However, from the half of the first set, the team began leading the match. Eventually, the team scored 3:0; 25:20; 25:20, 25;19 in each set.

The German women’s volleyball team will be Poland’s rival in the quarterfinal. In the 1/8 stage, Germany won with Slovenia 3:0 in Łódź on Sunday. The German team had not lost any match in the D group before advancing to the 1/8 stage, and therefore could be a difficult rival to defeat. The match between Poland and Germany will take place on Wednesday.

This year’s championship quarterfinal will be also held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, central Poland.