Polish city launches school classes for foreign children

The city of Wrocław has launched special classes for newly arrived immigrant children.

“We wish to create conditions for good settling-in,” said Katarzyna Kropidło, head of Primary School number 74. Seven public schools are taking part in the programme.

The special classes hold 5 additional lessons of Polish every week, in addition to conducting the same programme as the standard classes. The classes are meant both for foreign children and those from Polish families coming back after long stays abroad.

The class aims to teach the foreign students sufficient Polish in no more than two years. In addition to intensified Polish lessons, students are being introduced to Polish culture, during school trips to museums and theatres.

The countries from which the children are coming include Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, France, Israel, Spain, as well as some smaller ones.

“We already know there are more candidates than spots available,” said Manuela Pliżga-Jonarska from the Wrocław Center for Social Development. Some 2,000 foreign children are estimated to live in Wrocław. Some 370 students attend classes for foreigners around Poland, a majority of them in Wrocław itself.