Analyst: security is the key in Polish-US relations

“Until Mr Putin started his aggression in Ukraine it was inconceivable there would be US soldiers stationed on Polish soil,” argues Michał Kobosko in an interview with PolandIN.

Michał Kobosko who heads the Warsaw chapter of the US think tank “Atlantic Council“ believes that the key to the ever-closer relationships between Poland and the US lies in the importance of security to both parties.

Poland, because of its concern at the aggressive attitude displayed by Russia is prepared to work very closely with the US in return for security guarantees. What was once hard to imagine is now reality. “Before Mr Putin started his aggression in Ukraine it was inconceivable that there would be American soldiers stationed on Polish soil,'' says Mr Kobosko.

The analyst acknowledges that it was a disappointment for Poland that President Trump did not make it to Warsaw on September 1 for the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII. But he feels that it was inevitable that there would be no major new developments during the US VP Mike Pence’s visit to Poland in Mr Trump’s stead.

Michał Kobosko hoped that by the end of the year Mr Trump will have visited poland and that progress will have been made with regard to the purchase of US F35 planes and that Poland would at last be included in the Visa Waiver programme.

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