Our aim is to build Polish version of prosperous state: ruling party leader

The electoral convention of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is taking place in Lublin, eastern Poland.

“Our system of values is constructed around dignity and life,” Mr Kaczyński said. He strongly stressed that the party is against euthanasia, abortion on demand and “this whole ideology which undermines the value of human life.” He also said that the ruling party considers the family as “absolutely fundamental.”

The leader of PiS added that “Christianity is a part of [Polish] national identity. “The Church was and is the voice of one, commonly known system of values, it is important for the Polish patriots,” the leader of the party said. “Every Pole should know what the role of the Church is and that outside it there is nihilism which we reject because it destroys everything,” he emphasised.

“The ‘tribunal government’ proposed by some [forces] has nothing in common with democracy,” Mr Kaczyński said. “We want to empower the Polish democracy, and we will.” He stressed that reform of the judiciary in Poland must be continued.

“We have to keep our word, this is the basis of our credibility,” he stressed. “Our aim is to build the Polish version of a prosperous state.” Mr Kaczyński said that by the end of 2020, the minimum wage in Poland will reach PLN 3,000 (EUR 687.8), while by the end of 2023 – PLN 4,000 (EUR 917). Moreover, he declared that there will be a second “thirteenth pension” in 2021.