Basketball: Poles lose against Argentina

Poland slumped to defeat 65:91 against Argentina in the second match of the first group in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 on Sunday.

The debacle came with all the greater disappointment as the white-and-reds had managed to keep a clean record, beating Venezuela, China, Ivory Coast, and even Russia. On the other hand, the match against Argentina was also expected to be the most trying out of this year’s encounters.

Being unable to penetrate the Argentinian defence, the Poles were losing 27:42 by the first break. It was only thanks to the lack of efficient three-point throws on the part of the Argentinians that the tally did not tilt further to their side.

It was only later on in the game that the Poles were able to launch efficient counterattacks and managed to minimise their losses. It was, however, a short-lived return as the Argentinians rallied and continued their attacks from a distance.

The match ended with Poles losing against Argentina 65:91. Despite their defeat, the Poles advanced to the quarterfinals and will play against Spain on Tuesday.