Hypothermia caused cavers’ death

Preliminary reports showed that hypothermia was the cause of death of the two cavers who got trapped by water in mid-August in the Great Snowy Cave in the Tatra Mountains.

“As preliminary inference of the autopsy... it has been established that hypothermia was the cause of the cavers’ death,” said the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, adding that detailed outcomes of the autopsies will be published within a month.

The Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating the case of the tragic death of two cavers who were reported missing, having been separated from their group of six by a torrent of water, while exploring Poland’s longest and largest cave – the Great Snowy Cave in the Tatra Mountains.

The first caver’s body was located on August 22, the second on August 30. Operating on a rotational basis, several teams of rescuers were engaged in the search mission.

Two inquiries by the Prosecutor’s Office into the tragic events are in progress: one into the organisation of the cavers group trip to the Great Snowy Cave and manslaughter of the two cavers, and the second dealing with the rescue mission itself.