Painting lost in WWII returns to Poland

The painting “Interior of the Cathedral in Milan” by Marcin Zaleski, lost during WWII, has returned to Poland and placed in the National Museum in Warsaw.

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The picture returned to Poland after efforts made by the Culture Ministry and the association “Friends of National Museum in Warsaw”.

“On such occasions, we have to thank the system of retrieving works of art. This is just a systematic, organised operation, based on the professionalism of many institutions,” said Piotr Gliński, deputy PM and Culture and National Heritage Minister.

He added that currently there are around 80 restitution motions undergoing so “we can expect further successes.”

The painting “Interior of the Cathedral in Milan” was lost during WWII. It is likely that it was in National Museum until the Warsaw Rising. Many works of art kept in the city were destroyed, looted or kept in storage in Austria, Germany and Lower Silesia.

The fate of “Interior of the Cathedral in Milan” remained unknown until 2018, when the Culture and National Heritage Ministry was informed that was on consignment with an auction house in Vienna.

On Tuesday the picture was exhibited at the National Museum.