Mural presented for 100th anniversary of Polish-Belgian relations

A grassroot street festival was organised for the 100th anniversary of Polish-Belgian relations, in front of a mural created for the occasion.

“We decided to do something special and also to leave something visible and tangible and this through an art that Belgian artists are very good at and that is street art, mural paintings” said Luc Jacobs, the Belgian Ambassador to Poland.

The mural is located on a building on Belgijska (Belgian) street in the Mokotów district of Warsaw. Before WWII, a Belgian-owned hat factory was located nearby.

The artists behind the mural, Oli-B, explained his inspiration for the work: “for this painting i wanted to include some things that are references to this site, to this particular street. The building just behind me is a building in which some hats were produced, so to me it was a nice reference. Even more because in belgium we've got this famous artist, Rene Magritte, so to me it was like straight link and easy reference to include in my paintings.”

Poland and Belgium established diplomatic relations in 1919, after Poland achieved independence in the previous year.