Int’l commission concerned about sewage spill in Warsaw

The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) has urgently called on Polish authorities to present information regarding the Vistula sewage spill that occurred in late August following the malfunction of the sewage collector in Warsaw.

Pipeline transporting sewage across the river up and running

At 4 AM on Monday, the sewage pipeline began transporting waste to a sewage treatment facility on the western bank of the Vistula river.

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Jan Pryzowicz from the Department of National Water Management Holding Polish Waters will present the state’s stance on the case on Thursday in Tallinn, where the meeting is scheduled to take place.

He is to summarise the activities the state authorities have taken in regards to the failure of a Czajka sewage treatment facility. Mr Pryzowicz will also tell the commission about the alternative pipeline installed on a temporary pontoon bridge.

The spokesman of Polish Waters Sergiusz Kieruzel pointed out that HELCOM was particularly interested in the results of the environmental protection inspection regarding the presence of nutrients in the spill. Poland is obliged to prevent the spread of substances rich in nutrients in the Baltic Sea, however, the failure of Czajka may contribute to thwart these liabilities.

In the opinion of Mr Kieruzel, it is too early to speak about any fines. So far, only initial results of the inspection are known, and only after the full report is completed could Poland be called upon to take specific actions.

On Monday, the head of the PM’s office Michał Dworczyk met with the Swedish Ambassador to Poland Stefan Gullgren to discuss the Vistula sewage spill and the possible ecological threat.

“Mr Gullgren offered help in the name of the Swedish government, for which we are thankful,” said Mr Dworczyk, pointing out that the meeting took place on a day when the alternative pipeline which transports the waste to the treatment facility was already operational.