Final preparations for an attempt to ski down Mount Everest

Andrzej Bargiel, who is the first and only man to ski down K2, the world's second highest mountain, is preparing to ski down Mount Everest.

Members of Bargiel’s expedition are already acclimatising at Everest base camp, located 5,300 meters above sea level. A few weeks of living at high altitude are required before ascending Mount Everest. This gives the body time to adjust to the lower air density. Participants on the expedition are using this time to train and scout the area for the best routes.

Nearby, the Polish Winter Himalayan Expedition has set up their tents and built stone barriers, in order to guard their camp from the wind. They will attempt to climb Lhotse, a mountain located in the same range as Mount Everest. Lhotse is somewhat lower, but more technically demanding than the world’s highest mountain.

Bargiel won’t be the first to ski down Mount Everest, as Davo Karnicar managed to do it in 2000, however he used supplemental oxygen, which Bargiel does not plan to use.