Poland’s Foreign Ministry condemns attack on Saudi Arabian refineries

Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Saturday's attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, saying they pose a threat to security in the whole region and have a negative impact on the global economy.

In a statement sent to the Polish Press Agency PAP, the ministry expressed hope that the attacks would not result in an escalation of conflict in the region.

The ministry said that it is very important to clarify the circumstances around the attack and identify the actual culprit.

Two installations at the Abqaiq refinery near Buqayq in eastern Saudi Arabia, belonging to Saudi oil concern Aramco, were the targets of an aerial attack launched early on Saturday morning, which led to two fires, Saudi Arabia's SPA news agency reported, citing the country’s Interior Ministry.

Houthi rebels in Yemen, which are supported by Iran, claimed responsibility for the attack. The Houthis are fighting government forces in Yemen, which are supported by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The Houthis claim they used drones in the attack. High-ranking American officials, however, have told the Reuters agency that the range and precision of the attack indicate that it came from Iran, not Yemen.