TVP launches new channel for Poles in Lithuania

On Thursday, the public TVP broadcaster launched a channel dedicated to the Polish minority living in Lithuania, called TVP Wilno (Vilnius).

Speaking at the channel’s inauguration event in Vilnius, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who paid an official visit to Lithuania, said the channel would help to improve Polish-Lithuanian relations and would support Polish culture in Lithuania.

Mr Morawiecki pointed out that the launch date was no accident, falling on the 80th anniversary of Soviet aggression on Poland in WWII.

"Something very tragic happened 80 years ago, on September 17, when Poland lost its independence after the German attack and then the Soviet one," the PM said.

The Polish PM also thanked his Lithuanian counterpart, Saulius Skvernelis.

"We have very convergent interests and a similar view regarding our mutual sensitivities," he said, adding that one of both states’ neighbours [Russia - ed] would sometimes conduct a policy of disinformation, and one of the goals of TVP Wilno will be “to straighten out the facts, showing the truth from both Polish and Lithuanian points of view, but simply the truth."

He praised the fact that Poles in Lithuania will finally have their own TV channel, will be able to watch Polish TV, in the Polish language and from a Polish perspective.

TVP Wilno will broadcast in the vicinity of Vilnius. The main aim of the project is to present the lives of Poles in Lithuania, promote a positive image of Poland and cultivate the Polish language. Initially, the schedule of TVP Wilno will comprise news broadcasts, some of the most popular Polish sitcoms, as well as a documentary series about Poles living all over the world, as well as these living in Lithuania.