One in four Poles feel threatened by LGBT

Attitude poll shows 24 percent single out LGBT as the biggest threat to their country.

According to a poll carried out by the IPSOS agency for the website OKO.Press on what Poles fear most, climate change came top with 38 percent. LGBT was second on 24 percent.

Third place, with 19 percent, was shared by the state of the health service, fears of Poland leaving the EU (“Polexit”) and extreme nationalism.

The demographic crisis was mentioned by 17 percent of respondents and political polarisation by 16 percent. A total of 15 percent feared Russia and 14 percent were worried about an economic crisis.

The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) have been vocal in opposing any move for additional rights for the LGBT community such as LGBT sex education, civil partnerships, as well as marriage and adoption of children for same-sex couples.

Appearing on commercial TV channel Polsat News on Tuesday, the Deputy Prime Minister and Higher Education Minister Jarosław Gowin said he agreed that the gender and LGBT ideology was a threat to Polish families.

Mr Gowin said that “this ideology contradicts common sense and traditional Polish values. But I trust that Polish society is able to resist it.” He also said that it was the role of top PiS politicians to resist this ideology.

The Deputy PM also said he felt that the messages coming from gay pride equality parades were “immoral”. But he also felt that banning such demonstrations would be counter-productive. “I believe that the messages coming from these marches are immoral. However, we live in a democratic society and everyone who acts within the constraints laid down by law has a right to demonstrate their beliefs,” concluded Mr Gowin.


This poll demonstrates that LGBT issues are becoming more visible and more controversial in Polish politics. They have been brought to prominence by left-wing parties and activists. The centrist Civic Platform has also made a move in their direction by pledging to introduce civil partnerships for same sex couples and through its Mayors in metropolitan cities pledging to support LGBT sex education.

The ruling party has taken the side of cultural conservatives and the Catholic Church and has said no to any such notions. It has even supported one Archbishop’s view that LGBT ideology is, like communism before it, a plague stalking the landscape.

The signal coming from this polling and the popularity of the ruling party is clear. A very large number of Poles are not ready for a LGBT and gender revolution in their country. They are prepared to tolerate same-sex couples and Poland has never had any legislation making homosexuality illegal. However, they do not want any promotion of LGBT.

It is something which LGBT activists have to chew over. Is it really such a good idea to be ostentatious in organising marches that exhibit behaviour frowned upon by so many? Is it really a good idea to try and force through LGBT sex education in schools against the wishes of parents? If working for political change in a democracy is based on winning friends and influencing people these may not be the best tactics.

The Polish constitution stipulates clearly that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that parents have the right to have their children educated in accordance with their values and beliefs. To change that constitution would require a ⅔ parliamentary majority. No chance of that in the short or medium term.