EP committee against blocking rules unbeneficial for PL transport companies

The Transport Committee of the European Parliament did not block unbeneficial regulations for Polish transport companies.

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Members of the European Parliament were voting over sending back the controversial “mobility package” project back to the European Commission.

A total of 49 MEPs took part in the vote, 30 of them were against sending it to the EC, while 19 voted for it. The work over the regulation will be carried on in the European Parliament.

In April, Polish MEPs – regardless of the faction – tried to do what they can to delay or block vote over the EU mobility package, which could have a negative influence on Polish transport companies.

The new regulations include covering the employees of transport companies with the law concerning so-called posted workers. The changes would mean that posting employers are obliged to pay the salary and the social contributions of their foreign-posted staff according to the host country’s rates. Poland and other Central-European countries are protesting against such regulations, arguing that the salary changes would make their workers less competitive in Western markets.

The EP voted for the regulations in April, but it did not come into force, because the compromise needed with the EU Council in negotiations about the final shape of the law was needed. It was not found, because of the end of the term of the EP.

The discussion about this issue returned to the EP in September, because the transport committee has to give its green light to beginning of the final negotiations.