US Army to move 20,000 troops to Poland for biggest exercise to date: daily

The US Army will move some 20,000 soldiers to Poland for biggest joint exercise between the countries to date, reports “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

The US 1st Armored Division will be transported to Poland, alongside some 1,500 vehicles and 2,500 containers of equipment, for the Defender-20 exercises.

Around 2,000 soldiers from Poland, as well as units from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands will take part in the exercise. It will be the biggest allied exercise held in Poland since the country joined NATO in 1999. The maneuvers will last from March to August.

According to reports, it is possible that some of these soldiers will remain in Poland afterwards, fulfilling the Polish-American declaration calling for the increase in the number of American troops stationed in Poland by 1,000.

Currently around 4,500 US soldiers are rotationally stationed in Poland. The Polish government is seeking permanent deployment of US troops in its country as a deterrent against Russian aggression.