Interview: 'We’re not excluding anyone' from building 5G network: Deputy Min

Poland is not excluding any parties from bidding for building the country’s 5G network even after signing a memorandum with the US, but we want our providers to be as safe as possible,” Deputy Digital Affairs Minister Wanda Buk told PolandIN.

“Imagine there is a blackout of the network, when we are completely dependent on it. We need guarantees of the security of the system,” the Minister added.

After Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Poland at the beginning of September, Poland agreed to cooperate with the US as regards the safety of 5G mobile phone networks.

One of the aspects of the US trade dispute with China is the fear that Chinese technology firms are completely independent of government interference and are fiercely lobbying for European countries to look elsewhere for their network technology providers.

In relation to Poland, the matter is one of great financial importance. Poland’s existing 4G network uses a lot of equipment produced by the Chinese giant Huawei. As Orange Polska said earlier in September, when launching 5G tests in Warsaw, excluding the possibility of using Huawei for 5G could significantly increase the cost of the venture.

Wanda Buk said that Poland does not have much time left before it has to start building the network as “a technological race” is on to move forward with faster connections for the “internet of things” and maintain current standards for individual users.

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