‘Paraguayan Passports’ wins main prize at Gdynia movie festival

The “Paraguayan Passports” directed by Robert Kaczmarek won the main prize of the 11th edition of the ‘Unruly, Undeterred, Cursed’ Film Festival that concluded in Gdynia, northern Poland, on Sunday.

Mr Kaczmarek received the award during the official gala at the Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theatre.

The documentary tells the story of the so called Ładoś Group that saved hundreds of Jews during WWII. Polish diplomats in Switzerland and Jewish activists forged passports of South American countries to save people from the Holocaust.

The award in the Radio Documentary category went to Joanna Bogusławska for her “Disrupted Silence”. It tells the story of Henryk Troszczyński - the last living witness of the discovery of the graves in Katyń Forest, where thousands of Polish intelligentsia were murdered by the Soviets during WWII.

“As if we were to die today” from the Czech Republic won in the international category, which was organised for the first time in the festival’s history. It depicts the story of priest Josef Toufar, who was murdered by the communist secret police after brutal interrogation in 1950.

Anti-communist oppositionist awarded

During the gala, Kornel Morawiecki received the Doors to Freedom prize. The Polish prime minister’s father and one of the opposition leaders during the communist regime in Poland was also awarded the Order of the White Eagle on Friday.

As the creators of the festival stressed, the award is presented in recognition of the courage and commitment of those who supported the activists and leaders of the anti-communist underground in the times of the Poland People’s Republic (PRL), as well as “those who in defiant ways promote the idea of freedom”.

The festival started on Thursday, under the auspices of Poland’s President Andrzej Duda. It is inspired by the history of the country’s struggle for freedom from 1939 to 1989.