Opposition veteran and PM’s father dies

Kornel Morawiecki, a legendary anti-communist opposition figure and father of the present PM Mateusz Morawiecki died on Monday.

Kornel Morawiecki was 78 and had been suffering from cancer since the turn of the year. He was the father of the present PM Mateusz Morawiecki. He had been an MP since 2015 and in the past was a legendary figure of the anti-communist opposition.

Rebel with a cause

Kornel Morawiecki in the 1980s founded the “Fighting Solidarity “ organization which was a radical grouping which focused on building support for Poland to free itself of Soviet domination and communism. It became popular among young workers.

In 1989 he and his organization opposed the Round table accords, seeing them as too far-reaching a compromise with the communist authorities. He remained a consistent critic of that process which he saw as an attempt to reform the communist system rather than its overthrow.

During the 1990s he formed the Freedom Party which argued for full disclosure of the files of the communist secret police. His party did not enjoy any electoral success. He was also unsuccessful in his bid for the Presidency in 2010.

In 2015 he was elected to Parliament for the rock musician Paweł Kukiz’s “Kukiz‘15” movement. He clashed with Mr Kukiz in 2016 and set up his own “Free in Solidarity” party in 2016 which eventually ended up allied to the ruling Law and Justice (PiS).