Kornel Morawiecki: a hero of Wrocław

Kornel Morawiecki who died on Monday 30 September was a hero of the city of Wrocław and the pro independence movement in the 1980s, recalls journalist and author of “Fighting Solidarity Igor Janke in an interview with Poland IN

Kornel Morawiecki founded “fighting Solidarity: a clandestine organization committed to Polish independence and the overthrow of communism, after the introduction of martial law in 1982. It represented the radical wing of the anti-communist opposition in Poland.

Morawiecki himself went into hiding and managed to avoid detention by the communist authorities for seven years, hiding in 60 different apartments in Wrocław. He became a hero in the city with his name and the emblem of his organization, the Solidarity sign with an anchor, graffiti sprayed all over town.

He was deported by the communist authorities but came back crossing the border illegally and his organization never stopped its activities. These consisted of publishing underground publications and organizing demonstrations.

In 1989 he and his organization did not participate in the Round Table talks. This was because they felt that communism was collapsing and it was not worth compromising with it.

Morawiecki and his activists were marginalized in the Poland of the 1990s. Despite all the sacrifices they made and risks they took they were largely forgotten when freedom came. This has only changed recently after Kornel Morawiecki was elected to Parliament in 2015 and was awarded the highest honours for his service to Poland by President Andrzej Duda.

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