Capital marks 75th anniversary of Warsaw Rising end

The ceremonies of putting out the fire at the Mound of Warsaw Rising took place on Wednesday evening, on the 75th anniversary of the end of the Rising.

Poland marks 80th anniversary of creating first resistance group during WWII

September 27 marks the 80th anniversary of establishing the Service for Poland’s Victory (SZP), the first organisation of the Polish resistance.

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From August 1 until October 2, over 63 days – the duration of the Warsaw Rising – the scouts had been keeping the commemorative fire burning at the Mound.

Scouts, soldiers, veterans, city guards, representatives of central and local authorities, as well as fans of sports clubs and citizens of Warsaw, gathered at the Monument of Fighting Poland, located on the Mound.

Participants laid wreaths at the monument, the national anthem of Poland and the Warsaw’s bugle call was performed.

“When you stood to fight an uneven battle, you showed to the world how important the freedom is for Poles,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote in a letter to the veterans of the Rising, read out by the head of his political cabinet, Marek Suski.

Renata Kaznowska, deputy mayor of Warsaw also gave a speech. She said that the Rising was necessary because it was proof of “pride and honour,” which are still necessary nowadays.

On October 2, 1944, the leadership of the Polish Home Army (AK) decided to surrender the Warsaw Rising, having run out of weapons, ammunition and supplies.

As many as 150,000-180,000 citizens of Warsaw died in the Rising, along with 15,000-18,000 soldiers of AK.