Museum of Armoured Weapons opened in Poznań

On Friday, after two years of construction works the Museum of Armoured Weapons moved into its newly opened headquarters in Poznań, western Poland.

Among many exhibits visitors will see a unique, operating German self-propelled gun, legendary Polish T-34 tank “Rudy” staring in the “Four Tank-Men and a Dog” series. It also contains tanks used in shooting Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’.

Arms history geeks should find the museum’s offer especially interesting as they will have an opportunity to take a close look at famous Patton, Cromwell and Sherman Firefly tanks. For those more interested in luxury awaits an exhibition of VIP limousines and armoured cars.

The Museum is located near Poznań’s airport, Ławica. It covers around 6,000 square meters, with its four buildings and their surroundings. It is a branch of the Museum of Polish Arms in Warsaw. The investment is worth PLN 21.5 mln (EUR 4.9 mln).