Commentators: higher turnout in favour of ruling party

The election isn’t over and it is not certain that the ruling party is heading for a comfortable victory, conclude commentators Łukasz Warzecha and Karolina Zioło-Pużuk for PolandIN.

Łukasz Warzecha from the weekly “Do Rzeczy”: and Karolina Zioło-Pużuk from the think tank Ignacy Daszyński Centre agree that the election is not over. The opposition parties could still scrape together a majority, especially as opposition voters are the most highly mobilized.

Łukasz Warzecha feels that the key will lie in the turnout. “The higher the turnout, the more likely a comfortable PiS win”. He also argues that the lower the number of parties which will cross the electoral threshold, the more likely it is the ruling PiS will have their majority.

Both of PolandIN’s guests criticized the campaign of the main opposition Civic Coalition (KO). Karolina Zioło-Pużuk felt that they had failed to sufficiently promote the PM designate Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska. Łukasz Warzecha described their campaign as “hopeless”. He was not surprised that Donald Tusk chose to stay away from the fray as ‘he decided not to join a lost battle.”

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