Poland gets ‘what most European countries are aiming at’: cloud operator

By attracting Google to invest in Poland, the country “avoids milliseconds of lag”, which is something “most European countries are aiming at,’ national cloud service provider Operator Chmury Krajowy (OChK) CEO Michał Potoczek tells PolandIN.

OChK was set up last year as a joint venture between PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Investment Fund in order to provide a reliable national cloud network, in particular for smaller companies not served by the international giants. The company which was billed as Pol-oogle, the red and white flagged response to the San Francisco Company has however taken the road of providing multi-cloud services, giving its customers a range of options to choose from.

Google was chosen “for its technology,” which in Mr Potoczek’s opinion, will give a boost to Polish innovators. According to his analysis of the real game changers in the field of internet products, all have depended on reaching their customers quickly with reliable services. To this aim, the valuable milliseconds Polish companies will gain by being able to connect to a locally-based cloud network rather than via centres in Germany or Finland at present will make a difference to what entrepreneurs can offer.

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