Speedway: Pole wins World Cup series

Despite coming fourth in the Grand Prix of Poland in the north-central Polish city of Toruń, Poland’s Bartosz Zmarzlik garnered enough points in general classification to become speedway World Champion on Saturday.

Without a doubt a memorable time for the biker but all the more unforgettable for the whole nation. Bartosz Zmarzlik has just become the third Pole in history to seize the speedway World Champion title. This stunt had previously been pulled off only by Jerzy Szczakiel (1973) and Tomasz Gollob (2010).

Prior to the last round of the Grand Prix, Zmarzlik had a seven-point advantage over Russian Emil Sayfutdinov and was nine points ahead of Dutchman Leon Madsen. During the semi-final race, Zmarzlik needed only two points in order to secure the champion title. After winning the semi-final heat, it was clear that Zmarzlik had won the overall series.

Zmarzlik started racing for real in 2010, at that time for a team in the city of Gorzów. It was then that Zmarzlik met Tomasz Gollob – a Polish Speedway World Champion – who also wore the colours of a local team. Gollob naturally became Zmarzlik’s mentor and the two began to race together.

Zmarzlik debuted in the Grand Prix of Poland in Gorzów 2012. Being only 17-years-old he finished with a bronze medal in that tournament. In 2016 he competed in the World Cup series and managed to earn the bronze medal. He would stop at nothing and in 2018 he ended up second in the general classification of the Speedway Grand Prix.

Having a great mentor and oodles of determination led Bartosz Zmarzlik to fulfil his dream of becoming World Champion in 2019. The Grand Prix of Poland event was won by Dutchman Leon Madsen who also became vice-World Champion.