Sport climbing: Pole secures European championship in sprint

Aleksandra Mirosław won the speed competition of the IFSC Climbing European Championships, held in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Pole retains world champion title in speed climbing

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A total of five Poles competed in the women's contest, as well as one in the men's competition. Mirosław defeated Russia’s Mariia Krasavina in the final run and won the gold medal.

In the “small final,” which was the run for third place, another Pole, Aleksandra Kałucka, was competing against Anouck Jaubert from France but was unable to clinch the bronze medal. The other Poles, Patrycja Chudziak, Anna Brożek and Natalia Kałucka, were knocked out in the earlier races.

Among the men, Marcin Dzieński was defending the title from 2017. He was unable to retain it and finished the competition in 16th place. Russia’s Vladislav Deulin won the title of champion, Danyil Boldyrev was the runner-up and Dmitrii Timofeev of Russia finished in third place.

The finals of lead climbing are scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon.

During the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, sport climbing will be among the Olympic competitions for the first time.