New exhibition commemorating Gdansk Shipyard opened

A new exhibition commemorating the Gdansk Shipyard was opened. Its aim is to promote the Shipyard’s heritage and to add the facility onto the UNESCO heritage list.

An exhibition by photographer Michal Szlaga was opened to commemorate the history and transformation of the famous Gdansk Shipyard that witnessed the most important days of the Polish struggle for freedom during the communist era. The event was organised by the National Heritage Institute.

The exhibition is a part of a wider action to promote Gdansk Shipyard’s legacy and inscribe it onto the UNESCO heritage list.

Michal Szlaga, a member of an old Cashubian family is a graduate of the Gdansk Fine Arts Academy. His studio was located in the headquarters of the shipyard during the time of Polish political transition. He documented its history to show every period of its functioning. The first part of his works about Gdansk Shipyard resulted in a book called ‘Shipyard. Szlaga’ describing its history in photography. Both the book and his works were later stored by the museum of the famous La Centre Pompidou, Paris.