Goodbye kiss: Brodnicka defeats Matthysse, retains WBA title

Poland’s Ewa Brodnicka (18-0, 2 KO) won by points against Argentinian Edith Soledad Matthysse (16-10-1, 1 KO) and defended her World Boxing Association Champion title on Friday in a match hardly as tense and engrossing as the weigh-in staredown during which the Polish boxer planted a kiss on her opponent's lips.

“An average-level fight that abounded in clinches that covered few moments of clean and interesting boxing,” wrote’s sports section aptly describing the encounter.

Brodnicka stuck to her trademark left jabs and footwork. In turn, the Argentinian boxer tried to press on but would end up locked in her opponent’s clinches. Brodnicka took advantage of that, trying to land a couple of clear blows on Matthysse’s torso.

During the second round, the WBA champion’s performance lacked clean blows, yet, she managed to take hold of the fight.

The third one spiced up the atmosphere a little with Brodnicka’s triple left jab and a left hook. Matthysse replied with a left hook but got pulled into the Pole’s clinch again during which the WBA champion scored a couple of times pressing her opponent against the ropes.

Brodnicka continued in this vein throughout the fourth round until she was rebuked by the judge. In the fifth round, she clinched less, planted a couple of blows until her old tendencies returned, something for which she paid a price in pain as Matthysse hit her with a right overhand blow.

The rest of the match continued with Brodnicka’s clinch-galore occasionally interlaced with elegant footwork and efficient left jabs, yet very lacking right punch action on her part. Despite the average level of Brodnicka’s performance, Matthysse was dominated by her opponent to the extent that she was unable to dictate her own style and take control of the encounter.

“On one hand it was due to the Pole’s boxing skills, on the other the Argentinian boxer lacked physical strength and attack dynamics,” wrote Interia. At the end of the day, judges rated 96-95 for Matthysse and 96-94, 97-93 for Brodnicka.

Kiss and make up

The interlude to the match was much more exciting than the encounter itself and also very telling of who was to dominate in the ring. Brodnicka showed up for the weigh-ins in skimpy leather clothes, bespectacled and effusing self-confidence.

After the weights were taken in, a long staredown began with Brodnicka towering above her opponent. All of a sudden, Poland’s boxer planted a taunting kiss on Matthysse’s lips, who “returned the blow” slapping Brodnicka across the face and, apparently shocked, pointing her finger to the head as to say “she’s crazy.”

The ladies were separated by the staff to avoid starting the fight without a gong.