Leader of Spring party helps victims of road accident

Robert Biedroń, an MEP and leader of the Spring party helping victims of a road accident on the nearby road, the Voluntary Fire Department from the village of Regut, some 30km south-east of Warsaw, announced on social media.

“We have to praise the attitude of this man, who, before the arrival of the Fire Department helped victims of an accident on the state road number 50 in the municipality of Tabor,” the firefighters wrote on Facebook.

“He pulled an injured driver and his two-year-old son from the burning car, hid them in his Volkswagen and, just like a real firefighter, set out with a fire extinguisher. Before he departed, he praised firefighters for their quick arrival and their actions. Who recognises this man?,” they asked.

The press officer of the local State’s Fire Department said that the accident in Tabor involved a truck and passenger car.

“The truck hit the passenger car in which were three people, including a child. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and this person [Mr Biedroń], who was driving by and witnessed it, in fact took care of those who travelled by passenger car,” he told the Polish Press Agency.

Robert Biedroń, born in 1976, is a Polish left-wing politician and LGBT+ activist. He was the first openly gay mayor of a city in Poland. Between 2014 and 2018 he was the mayor of Słupsk, northern Poland. Before that he was an MP. In early 2019 he established the Spring party, and in May he became a Member of European Parliament. Although he is not running, he is the head of the campaign of the Left electoral grouping before the upcoming general elections.