Leader of Russian opposition Alexei Navalny visits Warsaw

Today Alexei Navalny, chief of the Russian opposition Party of Progress visited Warsaw for the first time. He will speak during the first Boris Nemtsov’s forum.

The anti-Kremlin lawyer, who is also a popular blogger in Russia, explained that he came to Poland to participate in the First Boris Nemtsov Forum.

Boris Nemtsov's forum will be held in Warsaw on October 9-10, 2019. It is "one of the most important platforms for dialogue between politicians, activists, intellectuals and journalists from Russia, Europe and the United States who share liberal values ​​and support understanding between Russians and Europeans "- organisers say. The forums topic is ‘Fighting anxiety in Russia and beyond’. The event was co-organised by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Forum will guest other important speakers such as: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Mr. Jacek Czaputowicz and Professor Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University (the author of the famous ‘The End of History’, 1992).

Mr. Navalny admitted that he travelled to Poland with his son Zakhar, who is a great fan of ‘The Witcher’ saga. He wanted to visit Poland to see the country where it was created. Navalny himself expressed his warm feelings about the city and Polish cuisine.