Poles will retain their rights after Brexit: UK ambassador

Poles who are registered in the UK will have the same right to stay and work after Brexit, Jonathan Knott, the British ambassador to Poland told Polish public radio.

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“The Polish people in the UK should be assured that whatever the outcome of those discussions [between the UK and the EU], whether we have a deal or no-deal... their rights will be protected,” ambassador Knott said.

“Everybody living in the UK on that day will have the right to apply for settled status. It means that their right to live in the UK, to use the services and work in the UK will remain the same,” he added.

“I want to encourage every Polish person in the UK to make that application. It is not complicated, it will not take very long,” he said, adding that Poles have a year and three months to do so.

“The British government wants to help you [Poles] to stay,” the ambassador declared.

Mr Knott stressed that a total of 1.3 mln foreigners have already applied for the settled status. Earlier estimations of the Polish Foreign Ministry indicated that 240,000 Poles, that is 27 percent of the Polish minority in the UK, submitted such applications.

The British Office for National Statistics in 2018 estimated the total number of Poles in the UK at 905,000, including 832,000 born in Poland.