Police clamp down on eco-unfriendly vehicles

Nearly 8,000 logbooks were confiscated by the police from January to September 2019 as part of nine daily “Smog” actions that involved intensified police checks of the quality of exhaust fumes and vehicles’ general maintenance.

Over 2,200 logbooks were commandeered due to the cars’ excessive fume exhaust. The other instances of confiscation resulted from the violation of environment protection rules. According to the police, half of the police inspections ended in placing fines on the owners of polluting cars.

A police officer explained that “the police are paying attention to all kinds of defects, particularly the ones that have a detrimental effect on the ecology, such as leakage of fluids.”

The “Smog” action continues on Wednesday with around 5,000 police officers conducting car maintenance checks all over Poland.

The police officer said that “in terms of the quality of exhaust fumes, we have been witnessing a slight improvement, yet the smog is still a big issue… the inspections lasted [all together] for nine days, during which 800 vehicles violating environment-protection-rules were confiscated. This proves that such inspections are necessary.”

He added that when a serious defect was detected, the logbook was commandeered and the car was towed by the road assistance service. The owner of a faulty car may be fined up to PLN 500 (EUR 116).

As many as 45,000-50,000 people in Poland die due to smog-related health complications and poor air quality, Poland’s public broadcaster TVP wrote.