Poland targeted by hackers: analysis

Poland is in the 20th position in the ranking of countries that are the most threatened by hacker attacks, “Rzeczpospolita” daily reports.

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The report created by Thales and Verint companies shows that nearly every second hacker attack is supported by governments which want to steal sensitive data, essential from the point of view of geopolitics.

“Poland holds the 20th position in the ranking of countries that are most threatened by hacker attacks,” Andrzej Bartosiewicz from Thales Poland said.

According to experts, the majority of such attacks come from Russia. Often, they are connected with the war in Ukraine.

The report states that the most active group acting in Poland is Black Energy, associated with the Russian military intelligence. Last year, this organisation targeted energy and transport companies in Poland and in Ukraine.

Mr Bartosiewicz adds that energy and transport sectors are the areas most often targeted by hackers, along with government administration and the financial sector. It especially concerns energy lines and railways.

On the other ha nd, the attacks do not always aim to paralyse them. “They are sometimes limited to gathering information and penetration of networks. The gathered data can be efficiently used in the hybrid warfare,” he added,

However, not only geopolitics is the cause of cyberattacks. Around 26 percent of cases are conducted by “hacktivists” who are driven by ideologies, 20 percent are conducted by “ordinary” online criminals, and five percent – by cyber terrorists.