Britain offers GBP 100 mln loan to cofinance Solidarity Transport Hub

The British government has offered Poland a 100-million-pound export loan to co-finance the construction of the planned Solidarity Transport Hub, Poland's Deputy Infrastructure Minister Mikolaj Wild announced.

Mikolaj Wild, who is the Polish government's commissioner for the project, said at the Impact mobility rEVolution'19 event in Katowice, that he was informed about the loan proposal in a special letter from the British government.

He explained that export loans are granted at a lower interest rate than any other form of credit, but only on condition that the loan-taker uses services provided by the loaning country.

Mr. Wild said that Britain's proposal showed that the Solidarity Transport Hub's construction was attractive for foreign investors and that Poland stood at a point where "money is seeking interesting projects, and interesting projects don’t have to seek money."