Polish company plans to send satellite to Mars

A consortium linking representatives of Polish universities, the Polish company SatRevolution and US company Virgin Orbit was set up on Wednesday. The new entity plans to launch a satellite to Mars in 2022.

During the Impact mobility rEVolution'19 conference in Katowice, the new consortium announced that the new unmanned satellite will be constructed out of Polish equipment and is likely to be launched in 2022.

“Let us build this incredible Polish space project!” said Artur Chmielewski, the manager of the consortium, who also works for NASA.

“The satellite will be of Polish production, the equipment will be mostly Polish, however, the Americans will carry out the planning and managing only with the help of Poles, as they are the ones with experience in this field,” said Prof. Jan Dziuban from Wrocław Technical University.

The satellite will contain an observation system which will take pictures of Mars, and most likely Mars’ moon, Fobos.