Volleyball World Cup: another easy victory for Poland

Polish national volleyball team defeated Egypt 3:0 (25:19, 25:18, 25:16) in a match of the FIVB World Cup taking place in Japan.

Volleyball: Poles defeat Russia in FIVB World Cup

Polish national volleyball team won 3:1 against Russia in a FIVB World Cup match in Hiroshima, Japan.

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Poland’s coach Vital Heynen carried out some rotation in the first squad, compared to Wednesday’s game against Russia.

At the beginning of the first set, the rotated squad had some trouble, but when Poland’s Łukasz Kaczmarek started serving the situation changed. Poles scored six points in a row. Chaos crept into the Egyptians’ performance and Poland finally won the first set 25:19.

Poles quickly gained the advantage again in the second part of the game. Thanks to the good performance of the block, they reached 7:2, but then their rivals started collecting points. They tied at 10:10, but then the Poles won consecutive five points. It was enough for Poland to control the rest of the set and finally win it 25:18.

The third part was similar to the first and the second. The Poles quickly went into the lead, the Egyptians tried to catch up, but were unable to do so. Poland won this part 25:16 and the whole game 3:0.

This was the seventh victory of the Polish national team in the World Cup. Currently Poland has the same number of points as Brazil, the leader, but later on Thursday the “Canarinhos” will face the US. This match will be very important for the final order of the World Cup table because the American team is just behind Poland.

On Friday, Poland will play against Australia.