Poland to lead NATO Spearhead Joint Task Force

Polish Armed Forces will lead NATO’s quick reaction task force in 2020. The Force is designed to be able to respond to emergencies in the territory of the Alliance and beyond.

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On Friday, Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak and US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher took part in the inauguration ceremony of a...

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Polish 21st “Podhale” Infantry Brigade will lead the force, with support from elements of the 12th Mechanized Division, logistic troops, air transport unit, as well as chemical troops, epidemic reaction specialists and military police. In total, Polish Armed Force will contribute some 4,000 soldiers.

Soldiers from other NATO countries, including Spain, Czechia, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, the UK and Albania will also take part in the Force, bringing its total numbers to around 6,000 troops.

The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force’s role is to be the “Spearhead Force” in case of an emergency. It’s able to respond to any crisis in two to five days. In case of a major crisis, it can be supported by two more land brigades with somewhat lower readiness level. The leading role, as well as units composing the Task Force, rotate annually.

Standards for Very High Readiness Joint Task Force certification are very high and require a long training period, ending with large scale manoeuvres during which NATO experts conduct the certification.