British MP: Poland may want to leave EU one day

Daniel Kawczyński, a Polish-born MP and Brexit supporter tells us that Poland, like Britain now, may one day want to leave the EU.

Mr Kawczyński told Poland IN that he supported Brexit because of the EU’s constant interference in British internal affairs. He felt that Poland will one day review its commitment to the EU in the light of the costs and implications for its sovereignty.

The British MP said that the UK “wanted to challenge Euro-federalism” and had Polish and Hungarian support in so doing, but that this challenge had failed. He hoped that Britain would be successful after exiting the EU and would become an example for Poland in the future.

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Polexit in the future?

He was certain Britain could offer Poland “security and trade without interference in its affairs”. He acknowledged that Poles supported EU membership but felt that might change “once Poland is a net contributor to the EU” and is effectively bankrolling the process of EU enlargement in the Balkans and Easter Europe.

Daniel Kawczyński felt that sovereignty would also become an issue for Poles as the EU sucked in more and more powers and became a superstate run by Berlin. He said he was already amazed at the ‘breathtaking lack of respect for Polish sovereignty “ in Brussels.

Asked about the British ambassador’s staunch support for LGBT rights in Poland, that would entail changes to Poland’s constitution, Mr Kawczyński felt that there was a need to be “careful”. He stressed that Britain is a believer in LGBT rights but that “Poland must move at the pace it is comfortable with” on this issue.

Poles future safe in UK after Brexit

The MP felt that there were no threats to Poles living in the UK coming from Brexit. He said that their reputation was high and that Britain has “unilaterally guaranteed” their right of living in Britain. But he also argued that Poland’s impressive economic performance meant many would want to return and noted that the brain drain was not good for the country.

“Don’t keep Britain hostage in the EU”

Daniel Kawczyński said that the Polish FM Jacek Czaputowicz had been the most helpful and understanding of all EU FM’s, as a result of the Polish FM’s view that the Irish bac-stop should be time-limited, But he appealed to Poland to “veto the extension of Article 50” of the Lisbon Treaty and stop keeping “Britain hostage in the EU”.